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Electrification of Buildings

Within the next decade brownfield building owners and managers are up against some serious challenges along with great opportunities in competing with other Zero Carbon Buildings that may offer a better return on investment or lifestyle opportunity. 

The State Government of Victoria has an objective to phase out gas. And any infrastructure supporting gas will need to be swapped with Electrical infrastructure moving forward.

Wattrix believe there are some key points that need to be addressed when considering an upgrade, or the alteration of electrical loads such as Electric Vehicles Chargers (EV), heat pump installations etc.

Site Assessment

Understanding what is really going on behind the electrical covers is critical prior to a successful infrastructure addition or alteration.  

Incorporating the Wattrix Way and a wholistic approach is an essential part of electrical power system design. 

Calculations and simulations are performed to verify if the exiting electrical infrastructure can withstand expected stresses associated with additional loads and be protected against failures.

Electrical Infrastructure

Critical components like the Incoming Capacity, Main Switchboard, and Backbone Cabling in a Zero Carbon Retrofit are where majority of the investment is made.

Ensuring that the solution is not a short-sighted approach is where Wattrix exceeds other electricians in this space. Wattrix have a strong understanding and vast experience in delivering these kind of works.

Electric Vehicle Charging (EV)

Electric vehicles seem to be the best fit today for transportation. And in doing so is driving the start of the Zero Carbon Retrofit movement.

Delivering EV charging solutions is what we do best.  

Wattrix are an independent nonbiased trusted advisor that ensures the best long-term solution is installed for the site.


Weighing up Safety and Risk

Some critical things are often overlooked when comparing different options such as.

  • Safety of the general public and of the Electricians performing the work.

  • Risk of failed delivery, compliance issues, Shutdowns/Power ups and financial impact if something goes wrong.

As piece of mind the Wattrix Group is well established with the support mechanisms and proven track record in infrastructure upgrades, medium-Large projects, EV charging and Mining Emergency Refuge Systems.

Working with Strata Buildings

Wattrix have been working with Strata Buildings for over 10 years and have successfully completed over 8694 maintenance and upgrade jobs to Strata Buildings alone.

We understand the important issues that are unique to Strata Buildings, such as key stake holders, load management and billing systems.  

Wattrix work with key independent industry consultants, that are proven to successfully educate, advise and deliver practical EV charging solutions to Strata Buildings.

In working towards Zero Carbon Buildings Wattrix have successfully delivered.

  • 35 site assessments in buildings, size ranging from 27 residences up to 1105 residences.

  • 8 complete retrofit EV installations.


Our clients.

"Working all day long in coordination with the authority teams, coming and going, machinery, numerous vehicles, and a crane, Wattrix stood by the Ross Hunt team over the journey, overcoming all obstacles to completion."


Wendy Widmer, Chairperson

"Wattrix delivers responsiveness, respect, integrity and of course, value backed up by knowledge and capability."


Klair Jones, Owner & Director

"Wattrix is the most thorough and proactive electrical contracting company we have worked with within our 28 years as commercial builders."


Tony McKenzie, Owner & Director

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